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Bursting offers a noise free, quiet and efficient method of controlled demolition especially in confined space areas. Large concrete structures such as foundations, pillars, bearers and concrete walls can be removed easily and effectively, by installing hydraulic bursters in pre-drilled holes and expanded to induce controlled cracking of the structure.

Chain Sawing

Ideal for cutting straight lines where clean corners are needed and over cutting is to be avoided. The hand held saw is quick and efficient to operate and are useful for working in confined spaces. Our chain saws can cut up to 630mm deep through brick, block and reinforced concrete. Available in 110v electric, petrol and hydraulic via petrol power pack.

Floor Sawing

Floor sawing – used to cut any horizontal flat or sloping concrete surface in most locations (subject to access). Floor sawing is quick, efficient and cost effective. A circular blade is mounted on a spindle and powered by a diesel or petrol engine or 415v electric motor with the operator walking behind the self-propelled machine. The diamond blade is capable of cutting up to 620mm deep.

Concrete Crunching

Concrete crunching is an extremely efficient method of reducing concrete to rubble and virtually emission free, reducing noise to a minimum. Unlike concrete bursting there is no need for diamond drilled holes to be pre-drilled throughout the structure. Instead, jaws are applied to the free or open edge of a concrete structure, with the hydraulic power force of the jaws closing to crush the concrete.

Diamond Drilling

A quiet, non-percussive way of forming holes from 6mm-1200mm in diameter in reinforced concrete, masonry and stone structures. The result is free from spoiling sensitive areas. Stitch drilling can be used to form large or abnormal sized openings in walls and slabs. Stitch drilling entails a series of normally 107mm diameter holes over-lapped by approximately 10mm to form the required shaped opening.

Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing is the perfect technique when confronted with the issue of removing substantial areas of heavily reinforced concrete in complex situations where there is limited access. We can achieve cutting rates in excess of 2sqm per hour and can also cut circular openings up to 2500mm diameter producing clean, straight and smooth cut surfaces with no damage to the remaining structure.

Robotic Demolition

Robotic demolition is incredibly efficient, cost effective and immensely powerful, as well as by design, having the ability of removing the operator from the ‘work face’. Robotic demolition machines are extremely adaptable and come with a variety of easily changeable attachments ranging from powerful percussive breakers and hydraulic crushing jaws, to loading buckets and concrete milling heads, some of which are suitable for use in the nuclear industry.

Track Sawing

The fastest and most precise method for creating openings in concrete and masonry structures. A track is bolted to the surface which supports a travelling carriage with a spindle mounting a circular diamond blade. The carriage travels backwards and forwards along the track powered by a hydraulic or electric motor, with a cut being made as the blade makes a series of passes over the surface area. This cutting method can be used to cut openings of up to 1000mm depth.

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