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Darda Bursting

Hydraulic bursting for precision demolition

If you need controlled demolition for substantial concrete structures, trust Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd. Based in Brighton and Derby, we provide hydraulic bursting and Darda bursting in Leicestershire and across the Southeast of England. Fill in the form provided to get your quote now.

What is hydraulic bursting and how can it be applied to your construction or demolition project?

This is a virtually silent method of breaking concrete that uses a hydraulic power unit, which can be powered by electricity, diesel, or petrol. Holes are drilled into the structure at pre-determined positions. The diameter and the spacing of the holes depend on the type of equipment being used and the thickness of the substrate. Once the holes have been completed the head is inserted into the holes. Pressure applied from the hydraulic power pack via the hoses and the pistons will induce cracks in the substrate. Providing the head is correctly positioned the cracking will follow a plane of weakness to the adjacent hole. The process is repeated until the whole area is fractured and ready for removal. Bursting is an aid for deconstruction normally used in conjunction with percussive breaking techniques using either diesel or electrically powered demolition machines.

Precision demolition services from trusted drilling and bursting experts

At Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd, we are proud to offer hydraulic bursting that utilises the advanced technology on offer from Darda. 47mm diameter holes are drilled the depth required. These are for the Darda Burster Wedge access. 

  • After the hole is drilled the ‘wedge’ is inserted into it. 

  • The Darda burster is activated and the centre wedge moves forward between the two counter wedges pushing them apart with a force of up to 400 tonnes causing the concrete to split. 

  • Once the concrete is split the burster is de-activated and the centre wedge is withdrawn. The ‘fractured’ concrete can then be progressively removed using percussive breaking techniques. Reinforcing bars can be cut using an angle grinder etc.

Hydraulic bursting services across the Southeast

We have offices in Brighton and Derby and provide services within the Southeast and across the UK. Recently we have completed projects in BrightonDerby and Leicestershire and you can check out the details by clicking the links. You can also view some of the other services we provide, alongside hydraulic bursting, which include chain sawing, floor sawing and robotic demolition. Reach out to our team now for solutions that work and ensure your demolition runs smoothly, accurately, and quietly!​

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We work within a huge range of sectors including education, health, housing, highways, aviation, rail and power. It doesn't matter what size your project is, talk to our team in Brighton to find drilling solutions that work.

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