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Combine precision, force and innovation with our diamond drilling services

At Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd, we have a commitment to excellence and provide precise, innovative engineering solutions that include diamond drilling (also known as core drilling). We are based in Brighton and Derby, and cover the Southeast, with much of our work being undertaken in Leicestershire and Sussex. Contact us for a quote now.

What kind of applications are diamond drilling services suitable for?

Diamond drilling is a technique in which a diamond tipped drill bit is used to remove a cylinder of material, this is usually called a core. At Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd (PFDD), we utilise core drills tipped with diamond impregnated segments in order to cut through the substrate, including any reinforcing to leave a smooth sided aperture. Diamond drilling also negates any micro fractures which can be caused by percussive drilling.

Core drilling is used by many trades to form holes for: electrical and communication services, cabling, plumbing through walls, floor slabs and ceilings and for holes for dowel or rebar tie-ins or for drainage. Cores can also be extracted for sampling or analysis of aggregate. Our diamond drilling services are performed using a range of specialist equipment to provide a quiet, non-percussive way of forming holes from 6mm-1200mm in diameter in reinforced concrete, masonry, and stone structures. The result is free from spoiling sensitive areas. 

dug trench

Drilling services, that can include Diamond Stitch Drilling

We also provide diamond stitch drilling, which can be used to form large or abnormal sized openings in walls and slabs. Drilling a series of overlapping holes, or ‘Stitch’ drilling, can be used to form larger diameter holes or eccentric shapes for equipment to fit through for instance. Stitch drilling can also be used to form openings or isolate areas that are too thick for circular saw blades to cut through. Paul Fold Diamond Drilling has stitch drilled up to 6.50mtrs deep on a recent major demolition contract they were working on.

Choose us for all of your drilling solutions

At Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd, we have over 30 years of experience and have worked on many large-scale projects across Brighton, Derby, and Leicestershire, and the Southeast of England. We work with you to provide solutions no matter the scale of the project or the challenges faced. Read our blog, find out more about us or check out our other services which include wire sawing, concrete crunching, chain sawing, and hydraulic bursting.

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We work within a huge range of sectors including education, health, housing, highways, aviation, rail and power. It doesn't matter what size your project is, talk to our teams in Brighton or Derby to find diamond drilling solutions that work.

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