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Concrete Crunching

Clear your demolition area quickly with concrete crunching services

Looking for an efficient way of clearing concrete? Reduce it to manageable pieces for easy removal by choosing concrete crunching services from Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd in Brighton and Derby. We cover the Southeast and other regional areas across the UK. All you need to do to request a quote is put your details in the form provided.

Reduce concrete to rubble, quickly with the help of Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd

Concrete crunching is an extremely efficient method of reducing concrete to rubble and virtually emission free, reducing noise to a minimum. Unlike concrete bursting, there is no need for diamond drilled holes to be pre-drilled throughout the structure. Instead, jaws are applied to the free or open edge of a concrete structure, with the hydraulic power force of the jaws closing to crush the concrete.

Want an easy way of reducing and removing concrete?

Concrete can be a tough material when it comes to taking up space and clearing an area after demolition, but at Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd, we have the solution. We offer hydraulic crunching, which is a virtually silent method for removing concrete. Hand Held Crunchers (Crushers) are a ‘C’ shaped clamp that is placed over the area that needs removing. There is a hydraulic piston at one end that when activated closes onto the substrate and ‘crushes’ the material between the jaws. The piston is retracted and the jaws are repositioned and the same process is repeated.

Choose us for unrivalled hydraulic force within construction

We have the technology to provide advanced solutions within the drilling industry and our comprehensive range of services includes hydraulic bursting, chain sawing, and diamond drilling, as well as concrete crunching. You can find out more about us, read our blog or get in touch for a quote. We have worked on projects across Brighton, Derby, and Leicestershire, and we work with you to provide solutions that will work for you, your project, your timeframe, and your budget.

Diamond Drilling Specialists

Modern Cutting Techniques

Service Usually Within 5-7 Days

Get a quote for concrete crunching services within the Southeast of England now

We work within a huge range of sectors including education, health, housing, highways, aviation, rail and power. It doesn't matter what size your project is, talk to our team in our Brighton or Derby offices to find concrete crushing solutions that work.

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