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Robotic Demolition

Derby and Brighton-based experts in robotic demolition

At Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd, in Brighton and Derby, we have an extensive fleet of machinery that includes the tools for robotic demolition, where the machinery can take care of the hard work for you and protect your workforce and area! Our robotic demolition services are available across the Southeast, with much of our work being undertaken in Derby and Leicestershire. Request your quote now.

Robotic demolition that enhances safety, efficiency, and precision on any project

Robotic demolition is incredibly efficient, cost effective and immensely powerful, as well as by design, having the ability of removing the operator from the ‘work face’. Robotic demolition machines are extremely adaptable and come with a variety of easily changeable attachments ranging from powerful percussive breakers and hydraulic crushing jaws, to loading buckets and concrete milling heads, some of which are suitable for use in the nuclear industry.

Make the machinery used on your project count!

When it comes to demolition of any structure, particularly concrete and masonry, safety must be paramount. At Paul Fold Diamond Drilling we use the latest robotic demolition equipment and techniques that are powerful, make easy work of demolition and provide maximum safety for all involved. Our robotic equipment and machinery come in many shapes and sizes and we have an extensive range of attachments to enable adaption for any application, even when space and access is limited! Contact our Brighton or Derby offices to find out more about the robotic demolition equipment we have available.

Specially selected technology to make easy work of any complex project

We are the experts so that you don't have to be! Tell us about your demolition project and we'll advise which method is going to work for you and provide the best solution all round. Not only do we offer robotic demolition, but we also provide hydraulic bursting, chain sawing, diamond drilling and concrete crunching too. We have previously worked on extensive projects in Derby and Leicestershire, and we provide services across the Southeast. Get in touch with our team for your quote now.

Diamond Drilling Specialists

Modern Cutting Techniques

Service Usually Within 5-7 Days

Find out more about robotic demolition by getting in touch with our team now

We work within a huge range of sectors including education, health, housing, highways, aviation, rail and power. It doesn't matter what size your project is, talk to our team to find robotic demolition solutions that work.

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