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Track sawing flush cutting

Track sawing specialists based in Brighton and Derby

Track sawing is the perfect solution when it comes to cutting vertical walls, steep inclines and floors that are not suitable for standard floor sawing. At Paul Fold Diamond Drilling Ltd, in Brighton and Derby, we have over 30 years of experience in using track saws and we provide services across the Southeast. Get your quote for services by filling in the form provided now.

Track sawing for concrete and masonry structures

Track sawing is the fastest and most precise method for creating openings in concrete and masonry structures. A track is bolted to the surface which supports a travelling carriage with a spindle mounting a circular diamond blade. The carriage travels backwards and forwards along the track powered by a hydraulic or electric motor, with a cut being made as the blade makes a series of passes over the surface area. This cutting method can be used to cut openings of up to 1000mm depth.

Create angled cuts and openings for new and existing buildings

Track sawing is technique using a system of guide tracks mounted to the substrate. The head is attached to these guide tracks enabling it to traverse along their length. The blade is mounted onto the cutting head and aligned with the cut line. This technique is extremely accurate and can be used to form openings in walls, floors, and soffits up to 1000mm thick, in reinforced concrete and masonry.
Typical applications include:

• Straight smooth finished opening in walls & floors i.e., door or window openings.
• Create precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces for lift shaft or stair openings
• Isolating concrete staircases prior to deconstruction.
• Being either electrically or hydraulically powered they are ideal for confined spaces.

Flush cutting also available

The flush cutting technique allows a saw cut to be made at the bottom of a wall, through a floor slab or through an adjoining wall leaving a flush finish instead of a stub that requires further work to remove. For example, if you wanted to remove a section of wall that was attached to a column the flush cutting method will leave no stub on the column which negates remedial breaking works and any making good. This technique can also be used to cut flush with a soffit, through a 90° adjoining wall or down through a slab leaving the finish flush with the remaining structure. Even if our track sawing isn't suitable, we have a range of other solutions that can be applied too, these include chain sawing and floor and wall sawing. Why not check out our Brighton, Derby or Leicestershire contact pages or get in touch for more information?

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We work within a huge range of sectors including education, health, housing, highways, aviation, rail and power. It doesn't matter what size your project is, talk to our team to find track sawing solutions that work.

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